Smith Public Relations has developed a proprietary “media swarming” platform which utilizes a variety of press specialists to conduct the media outreach on behalf of our clients. Most importantly, there are no entry-level staffers learning the “business” on their corporate dime. It is too vast, too specialized and too important. Our team members have years of experience pitching products, services and executive sources to reporters. In many cases, they have worked for major print, online or electronic outlets so they know the ropes. In fact, we always view it as critical that their personal relationships with writers and editors are intact so that they can often secure an extra minute or two to brainstorm angles and opportunities. The fact is that no one individual or a couple or three can effectively know the interests, preferences and deadlines for hundreds of top-tier press. Instead our specialists are just that: individuals who have established long term, productive associations with specific press segments such as print, broadcast, online, blogs or beats.

The tsunami of social media has only increased the value and challenges of these relationships since many blogs/posts/sites, etc. are on immediate deadlines and require press specialists who understand their business model. The media dynamic for this group of press is all about sparking and influencing the discussion from a an immediate perspective unlike the majority of mainstream media. While this is a vital conduit to key publics, it needs to work in harmony with traditional coverage in almost every instance: in today’s buffeted economy, the points of persuasion are varied and complex.

Our media relations experts have a track record of working with reporters to help “shape” the story to make it more compelling thereby and increasing the likelihood of the piece seeing the light of day. Smith Public Relations also looks at the critical component of which media in the marketing news cycle will provide the most awareness.

For example, we worked with a major consumer products company on overlaying the demographics against the viewership/listeners/audiences/visitors to determine the following: which media outlets will have the most impact at launch versus those which help maintain visibility and demand during the mid sales cycle and those which help “wring out” those slow-to-purchase consumers.

The run up to media swarming is pinpointing the engagement for target publics regardless of whether they are customers, prospects, employees, senior management or others on the food chain of influence. Equally (and sometimes more so) is the merchandising of exposure to carefully culled silos of those who can make a difference. We recommend aggregating your influencer database and consider what kind of communication will make the greatest influence: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LInkedIn, PinInterest, etc.

And, finally, there is no substitute for understanding the needs and expectations of key press including their deadlines, how they like to be contacted and their evolving or changing beats as there is a lot of consolidation in the shrinking world of traditional press and the explosion of social media.