What differentiates us from other agencies?

The power of preemptive thinking for starters. The proprietary premise of Strategic Risk taking as well. The implementation of Media Swarming and something we call Business Plan Marketing.

We do our best not to think like most public relations or marketing agencies. At the end of the day (or even before), injecting fresh strategies that shape the playing field is often a good thing. A corollary to this process is something we call Strategic Risk Taking based on an analysis of existing marketing boundaries weighted against the proposition of select initiatives that offer significant upside but may be outside the historical safety zone of the client.

The objective is to custom-create a campaign that can involve new technologies, creative-driven dynamics, non-traditional spokespersons/experts and unexpected partnerships. These efforts are led by senior executives who won’t be using your business as their learning curve. And, Media Swarming, which custom creates an experienced team that “gets” your business model and story and whose contacts with the press gets then an extra 30 seconds or more to sell or tweak your media pitch.

A Short History of Our Agency

smithbiophotoWith more than 25 years experience in developing and implementing product publicity and marketing communications programs for major corporations as well as for entrepreneurial enterprises, Steve has served in senior management positions for top local and national public relations agencies.

He serves as president of his own firm. The agency completed a multi-year rebranding and marketing communications campaign including ad and branding agency searches; introducing new technologies and degree programs to prospective students as well as generating local and national media coverage for human interest stories and vision pieces for the Chancellor.

Launched in 1984, Steve’s firm represented such companies as General Mills, Target, Nike, Home Savings and the Teddy Ruxpin Teddy Bear from World of Wonders. In 1989, Smith Public Relations’ Los Angeles and San Francisco offices were purchased by Saatchi & Saatchi to become part of their global public relations subsidiary. During his fours years with Saatchi, Steve ran their West Coast operations serving as president and CEO. His client list included Mercedes-Benz of North America, Polaroid, Philips Consumer Electronics and KB Home.

Steve restarted his firm in 1992 as Smith Public Relations with such companies as Mattel, McKesson Corp., Carl’s Jr., Best Buy, Vivendi Universal and Capitol EMI.

Earlier, Steve served as executive vice president of Carl Terzian Associates where he developed that agency’s consumer product capabilities serving such companies as Coca-Cola Bottling of Los Angeles, Aspen Skiing Company, The Timberland Company and Target Stores.

Other experience includes working as a senior vice president and founding principal of The Rogers Group and as a vice president of Daniel J. Edelman, Inc.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, he received numerous scholarships and writing awards during his collegiate career.